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About the founder of EnergyMedicine101.com:

Eric Leskowitz, MD
is a board certified psychiatrist with the Pain Management Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. He has an appointment with the Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School, directs the hospital’s Integrative Medicine Task Force, and has organized several conferences on the topic of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation. He edited a recent text of the same name (Churchill Livingstone, 2003), and has written and lectured widely on the field of energy medicine.

Background in Science and Spirituality
"Despite spending 6 months traveling overland in India before going to medical school, I did not begin to learn about Eastern philosophy until I returned stateside, and was initiated in Transcendental Meditation in 1975. That was the thin end of the wedge, leading to study of kundalini yoga, hypnosis, and eventually energy healing with Rosalyn Bruyere for many years. I have found the model of subtle energy and energy anatomy to be most helpful in understanding spiritual phenomena, as the final common denominator of many alternative therapies and energetic processes. I enjoy finding ways to talk about esoteric processes in down-to-earth language, and believe that science and spirit are parts of a unified multidimensional whole."

Dr. Leskowitz has worked for the past 15 years with chronic pain patients, and has found it a fertile ground for exploring the uses of holistic medicine. Conventional medicine - medications, nerve blocks, surgery - has, by definition failed these patients, and so there is a great openness to new approaches.

At Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital we have developed a multidimensional approach, addressing body, mind and spirit. In particular, we utilize so-called "energy medicine": acupuncture, Reiki and other forms of hands-on energy work, craniosacral therapy, energy meditations, and meridian-based psychotherapy. These approaches have been very effective not only in explaining the origins of some unusual pain syndromes like RSD and phantom limb pain, but also in leading to exciting new clinical advances.

Dr. Leskowitz has lectured extensively on both the clinical and the theoretical aspects of energy medicine and chronic pain. His particular interest is in the subtle energy structures that underly these approaches ­ the energy field ("aura"), the energy centers ("chakras") and the energy pathways ("meridians") that comprise man's subtle anatomy. He is also interested in the way in which the dynamics of energy flow can cause either health or illness ­ this is what he calls "energy physiology". The combination of subtle anatomy and energy physiology comprises Energy Medicine 101.

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Dr. Leskowitz is available for workshops, lectures and consultations to clinicians and organizations about these issues.

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September 26, 2005
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