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Dr. Leskowitz's books:

  The Joy of Sox: The Spectrum Model of Holistic Medicine, as illustrated by the 2004 Baseball World Series

A non-technical look at the ways in which the 2004 Red Sox embodied the teachings of holistic medicine from stress management and enjoying the moment, to group energy and spiritual practices (prayers and curses).

(download Table of Contents pdf)

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  Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation
With an emphasis on evidence-based medicine, this practical resource offers clinical examples, historical and theoretical information, and current research for four groups of therapies — mind/body therapies, body-oriented therapies, energy-based therapies, and emergent approaches. It also covers some of the most widely encountered clinical conditions in rehabilitation, focusing on clinical practice and solid research.

Contributors include Bernie Siegel, John Upledger, Herbert Benson and Ram Dass, with a forward by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
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  Transpersonal Hypnosis
Overview of psychotherapy strategies that uses hypnotically accessed transpersonal states of consciousness to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Topics include Mesmerism, prenatal memories, energy fields and channelling.

Contributors include Charles Tart, Stanley Krippner and Roger Woolger.
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Dr. Leskowitz's workbook on Energy Medicine:

  Energy Medicine: The Dynamics of Subtle Energy in Health and Disease
16 provocative articles (over 130 pages) on:
• Clinical issues like chronic pain, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and rapid wound healing (including numerous case reports).
• Theor
etical ideas about the nature of medical intuition, the “third eye”, hypnosis, and more.
• Techniques such as Therapeutic Touch, Mesmerism, energy healing and EMDR.
Reprinted from these prestigious journals:
• Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
• Advances in Mind/Body Medicine
• Natural Health
• Psychiatric Times
• Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Video Available:

Ram Dass
  Spirituality & Rehabilitation:
A Day with Ram Dass

Beloved spiritual teacher Ram Dass spent Wednesday, September 8, 2004 visiting his hometown of Boston as the invited guest of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

This 100 min. video includes:

• An informal lunchtime Q&A conversation with hospital staff and patients, which highlighted the universality of Ram Dass’ message as a “strokee” and a wise Soul.

• Excerpts from Ram Dass’ interview with Dr. Eric Leskowitz, Director of the SRH Integrative Medicine Task Force, where he describes his vision of a hospital as a place of healing and joy.

• Highlights from the evening lecture to a sold-out community-wide audience, an inspiring event that was replete with Ram Dass’ familiar blend of humor, wisdom and compassion.

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New Videos Available:

Trisha Meili
  Mindfulness and Brain Injury:
The Central Park Jogger's Story

The Central Park Jogger’s tragic story captured America’s attention in 1989. Trisha Meili came to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on December 5, 2005 to describe her remarkable recovery.

This 70-minute video includes three segments:

Interview: In Trisha Meili’s interview with
Dr. Eric Leskowitz, Director of the SRH Integrative Medicine Project, she described the role of support and prayer in her recovery.

Q&A: Trisha’s informal lunchtime Q&A with hospital staff and patients was highlighted by her own guided mindfulness meditation session.

Keynote address: Trisha’s keynote address to the Annual Spaulding Society Appreciation Dinner showcased her remarkable vitality and enthusiasm.

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Sidewalk Sam


The Creative Arts and Spinal Cord Injury:
A Day with Sidewalk Sam

On September 18, 2006, well-known Boston cultural figure and spinal cord injury survivor Bob Guillemin (“Sidewalk Sam”) spent a day at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where he inspired patients and staff with his infectious enthusiasm for the healing power of artistic expression.

This 35 minute video includes:
A review of Sidewalk Sam’s “Chalk One Up!” day at Spaulding, where patients and staff reconnected with their long-lost Inner Artist.

Uplifting images of Sam’s impact on patients and staff, with close-ups of a wide array of brilliantly colored chalk drawings.

Sam’s conversation with Dr. Eric Leskowitz, Director of Spaulding’s Integrative Medicine Project, which touches on Life, Art, Health and Rehabilitation.

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Dr. Leskowitz is available for workshops, lectures and consultations to clinicians and organizations about these issues.

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